Forms is an ongoing abstract photography project that aims to question self-identity through existential portraiture. It represents our inner selves through out-of-body experiences; an assemblance of our thoughts, beliefs and understandings manifested through our exteriors. It is a deconstruction of the centralized self, an admittance of the unintelligible and a search for substance in the paradox.

Each image is made in-camera using multiple exposures on a single sheet of 8x10 film. No digital post-processing is used in the creations. The negatives are in their final Forms.

12212021 // Animus Studios // Brooklyn, New York

Shooting A Priori with Oneil and friends.

The Frames

The negative, to the film photographer is often viewed as the most intrinsic to the moment. Cherished by entombment in plastic sheets and binders, hidden in a cabinet; safe and unseen.  These physicals hope to serve as an extension of the experience that is typically reserved for the photographer.   

-Custom designed & fabricated frame 

-Integrated lightbox with luminosity control

-AC powered 

 -Museum grade UV resistant, anti-static & reflection acrylic 

-Certificate of authenticity 

 -Original negative enclosed

▼      COLLECT      ▼

1/1 Original Negatives

A Priori 001 & A Posteriori 001 with original 8x10 film negatives. These 1/1 frames were designed and fabricated to fit any environment and preserve the piece enclosed.

5/5 Darkroom Prints

A Priori 002 & A Posteriori 002 with silver gelatin fiber based prints. These prints are hand made individually in the darkroom by the artist at exhibition quality. 

Open Editions

A Priori 002 & A Posteriori 002 high quality film scans for digital collection. Available 12.22.22


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